I’m excited to announce the release of the Real Camera Motion Library! 

There are over 1,600 files in this package that is comprised of 40 main camera moves motion-captured at 60fps.

 The file variations include:

24/30/60fps – to easily match your project settings and provide more data for slow-mo opportunities.
Rotate-only versions – for convenience and quickly adding on top of your existing animation
Smoothed version – a slight filter applied to remove some natural noise if less jitter is desired.

 All cameras start at zero to easily be added to your existing camera’s animation additively.

The file types included are:

Maya .atom – these allow for import on selected cameras onto a separate animation layer
Maya-oriented .fbx – to easily access a universal format
Unreal .uasset – this allows for quick and easy import into your UE projects to work seamlessly with the camera animation library category in UE. You also have access to the UE-oriented .fbx files *these are only the 30fps versions.
Blender-oriented .fbx – for convenience the library has been oriented to work with Blender’s world orientation.


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Real Camera Motion Library