In this short course, you will quickly learn some interesting techniques to create a floating and animating blob effect that can also be applied to other objects like text, which we will also cover in Lesson 5.

This course moves fast so it’s geared more towards intermediate users or previous students of mine, but if you are totally new to Maya and you pause¬†and rewatch lessons I think anyone could potentially follow along. This is definitely a course you do not want to watch at 2x speed. We are going to move quickly because I want you to achieve this result with just minutes of work, not hours or days.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Loop texture deformers
  • Use motion paths
  • Use subsurface scattering effectively through lights
  • Light the scene with an HDRI
  • Animate a camera to loop and feel handheld
  • Apply this blob effect to custom text
  • Render with Arnold inside Maya
  • Composite the image in After Effects
  • Change colors in compositing
  • Render a movie file out of After Effects

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