It’s that time of year where many software are getting updates so here’s a quick summary of where to see what’s new!

Adobe Products, my good friend Daniel does a great overview of all the new Adobe software updates!

Autodesk Maya is now at version 2020.3, click here for more.









Last month Cinema 4D R23 was annouced, more here.

Houdini 18.5 was released with some interesting improvements, more here.

Both Houdini and Cinema 4D appear to be trying to appeal more and more to character animation with both of their new updates featuring new animation tools geared towards character animation.

I still recommend learning Autodesk Maya for character animation and here’s why. And I’m not the only one, check out this video too.

Industry News

The workers at a studio in Vancouver have decided to unionize: here

New movie trailers released for ex-Disney animator Glen Keane’s ‘Over the Moon‘ and Disney’s ‘Raya and the Last Dragon.’

Cool things I’m watching

Melinda Ozel is an expression scientist and she regularly shares really interesting observations and educational content on twitter. This information is incredibly important for everyone involved in creating life-like characters. Check here out here.

Justin Rasch is a cinematic animator for Blizzard, but also he’s a really talented stop motion animator and he’s sharing really cool toy animations and experiments on twitter and tik tok. Check him out here.

Sticky bones is doing another production run of their very successful IndieGoGo campaign of this posable and animatable character. I’ve just bought one so be on the look out for some stop motion from me on digitalcreatorschool social channels.

See their announcement here.

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