Endor and the Death Star!

Here are two short films I directed and animated for LEGO Star Wars. I used Autodesk Maya, the same software I teach in my courses.

I had help from James Bourne doing storyboards and Abel Vargas with lighting and compositing. I also had the help on one shot, of the Death Star explosion, from Paul Harrison. From there I created, animated, and edited the short films to the timing of audio given by LEGO of children’s imaginative and original Star Wars stories.

I’m currently outlining a new course that is non-technical about the short film process and how I create short films like these. Stay tuned if you’re interested in a more behind the scenes look and to learn from my experience making short films like these, so you can also make your own short films!

Cookie Bribe:

Porgs vs Death Star:

Thanks for watching!