Deadpool Teaser Animation Critique.

As a rule I don’t like to critique other professional’s work because I don’t know the context of how the shot was made. Maybe they didn’t have enough time to work on it, who knows.

There was one shot that recently caught my eye that is a fine shot, but there were some issues I would love to spend an afternoon addressing if I had the time and was on this show.

So let’s take a look at the first shot of the new Deadpool 3 teaser trailer of Colossus doing burpees and what I might do differently.


Indie Maya Licenses!

In other news, Maya has rolled out ‘Indie’ pricing for $250!

That’s a savings of $1,295 from Autodesks normal annual license!

If you’ve been waiting to buy Maya I would jump on it because in the fine print it says this is possibly for a limited time. It sounds like they’re doing a trial run on Indie level pricing to compete with what Houdini started doing a few years ago. It definitely makes Maya more competitive for smaller operations like freelancing from home.

Next week I’ve got some big news to announce, stay tuned and keep creating!