I’ve been busy working on several projects, one of which was rigging a Thanos rig.

I’ve wanted to wait until it was very polished before I shared it, but instead decided to make it available as its work-in-progress state with all premium students. You can now find it in the “Resource Library” of the school (along with many other resources).

I basically rigged it just enough that I could animate a few shots with it for a collaboration I did with Allan McKay and did not do more than I needed. After working on those shots I really want to start over, and make a polished rig to share, and possibly create a facial rigging course with this model to show you how I did it.

Even in the rough WIP state of this rig I was able to animate this shot (this is just a snippet of one shot):

So you can see even in it’s rough state, the rig is capable of some good performance. Stay tuned for an update to this rig in the resource library. It may take a few months before I get back around to working on it because of a few other projects I have going on I can update you on those as well at a later date.

Also I will be planning to do a quick YouTube video run through of animating this shot in a week or two. See you in class!


Real Camera Motion Library