Welcome to this course where we will learn advanced ways to use Maya’s motion graphics toolset called MASH to create an elaborate logo animation.

We will start with a flat 2D logo and make it into an appealing 3D logo animation

This course is intended for intermediate to advanced users. Hopefully, you’re somewhat familiar with Maya before taking this course, maybe you’ve taken one of my other beginner Maya courses, or if you’re a quick learner you can try and jump right in but you may have to watch the course on 1x speed and rewatch certain sections to be able to follow along.

All the project files are included for you to download and follow along.

We will learn:

  • Transform a 2D vector image into a 3D shape
  • Voxelize the logo
  • Animate these voxels with precise control
  • Learn how procedural animation will allow us to make quick changes on complicated animations
  • Animate objects along a path
  • Add trails to objects
  • Create a dynamic simulation
  • Control the simulation
  • Add and control color change
  • Light and render the scene

    I look forward to seeing you in class!

Keep Creating!